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   Undertoad  Friday Aug 18 01:30 PM

8/18/2006: Big ass bulls

A two-fer!

I saved this one off from an Australian rodeo, and the next day I tried to save another image with the same filename.

I know there was a very, very similar image that we had years ago, but maybe that was a WTF image and not an IotD? Anyone remember?

glatt  Friday Aug 18 01:35 PM

I thought it was the same image until I saw the two kernels of corn. The one from a while back didn't have corn on its tongue.

lifo  Friday Aug 18 02:26 PM

The spots on his toungue are the same, but the background is a little different...

glatt  Friday Aug 18 02:30 PM

Good find, lifo. That's the one I remember. Did you find that on the Cellar, or from somewhere else?

lifo  Friday Aug 18 02:33 PM

Thanks! I had it sitting around on my hard drive. It probably came from here originally. I've been reading IotD forever...

glatt  Friday Aug 18 02:41 PM

Thanks for registering and posting that. Stick around and join the fun. If you've been reading IotD for a while, you know what you are getting yourself into. Welcome to the Cellar.

milkfish  Friday Aug 18 04:04 PM

The first picture shows all these bystanders looking like "Ho hum, try showing me something interesting for a change, why don't ya." They've got a tough room down there.

Elspode  Friday Aug 18 04:34 PM

Jesus, the bucking bull looks like some sort of horrible alien monster thing.

footfootfoot  Friday Aug 18 06:04 PM

Here's an appetizer:
Little ass bulls

footfootfoot  Friday Aug 18 06:06 PM

here's an appetizer:
little ass bulls

ok attachment in progress, whatever.

bluecuracao  Friday Aug 18 06:15 PM

Are those baby or pygmy bulls? Either way--Yum.

xoxoxoBruce  Friday Aug 18 06:44 PM

Australia has pretty woman but that's about the ugliest bull I've ever seen. No....not about....definitely the ugliest.

That picture lifo posted is the IOtD I sent UT, then when he posted it the photographer showed up and registered. Had UT worried and I tried to take the blame, but he turned out to be a very cool dude.

edit; I found it here
Rereading the thread, UT tried to blame it all on me.

Undertoad  Friday Aug 18 10:21 PM

Well, that's fine; another in the nopaper series is flying through the web!

It's all your fault that these really awesome cool images get shared, xoB!

footfootfoot  Saturday Aug 19 08:41 AM

Originally Posted by bluecuracao
Are those baby or pygmy bulls? Either way--Yum.
baby oxen actually. Still yummy with a bit of broccoli...

xoxoxoBruce  Saturday Aug 19 05:42 PM

Originally Posted by Undertoad
Well, that's fine; another in the no paper series is flying through the web!

It's all your fault that these really awesome cool images get shared, Cob!
Yeah, I'm guilty of picture creep.
Every day, I send out an email with about 20 images, to a dozen long suffering recipients, and I know they get forwarded.... a lot.

A while back, one of our members, (from Texas, I think) posted a picture from one of my emails. I recognized the crop and labeling.
I asked where they found it, out of curiosity, but never got a reply or followed up on it.

Griff  Sunday Aug 20 09:49 AM

Speaking of bulls with butt, double muscleing is a genetic trait that has been used to create a breed of super freaky cattle called Belgian Blues.

dar512  Sunday Aug 20 02:28 PM

You sure that's not just steroids?

footfootfoot  Sunday Aug 20 05:19 PM

Steroids? Is that a mennonite bull?

Griff  Sunday Aug 20 07:09 PM

Oh, that's just mean.

Cochese  Wednesday Aug 23 08:59 PM

My friend, Janit0r created the original version, which can be found here:

The image became one of the most popular image search results for "cow" on Yahoo and Google. Not sure if it still is.

xoxoxoBruce  Wednesday Aug 23 09:13 PM

He's been a member of the Cellar for 3 years, goes by, "nopaper".
Did you see the link in post #11, Cochese?

Undertoad  Wednesday Aug 23 09:16 PM

And Cochese, you referred him to us when I made the first pic an IotD!

nopaper  Wednesday Aug 23 09:54 PM

Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
he turned out to be a very cool dude
Damn right.

The page containing all those images went away a while ago, so I'm amused to see another image from that set show up; and here of all places where my spies are watching. ;-)

I'll see if I can dig up the rest of those images and throw them at flickr or something.

Your reply here?

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