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Relationships People who need people; or, why can't we all just get along?

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Health and Safety of Friends, Family comes FIRST

There are clear and present dangers to the health and well-being of my friends, family and loved ones. Nothing about this is a political issue, it's an issue of physical safety. Because the perpetrators may be politically motivated does not make the victims reciprocally "political" unless you are prepared to blame rape victims for the actions of the rapist.

Right-wing extremist groups are meeting, recruiting and organizing, openly and with no secrecy whatsoever. They skirt the community guidelines of social media outlets, and even when making direct threats to specific people, are not held accountable-- despite the high volume of concerned, targeted citizens sounding the alarm to authorities.

My gay friends and allies are scared to fly a Pride flag at their home or place of business. My friends in the service industry, and business owners, are scared of the heavily-armed mobs congregating outside their doors. Angry redneck "militia members" are literally knocking on people's doors to harass them, at the very least communicating a "we know where you live" message simply by showing up. These victims of harassment are not BEING POLITICAL while fearing for their safety. It is not "political" to be aware that malicious actors are organizing online.

AND THAT'S NOT THE WORST PART. The WORST part is the societal conditions that are driving and empowering this situation. It is not harmless, or blameless to spread anti-science, anti-mask propaganda. You may not personally kidnap the Governor, you may not personally infect someone who results in the loss of life, but the harm is done regardless of malicious intent. And the responsibility of all of us is to reach out and engage in dialogue with those who may be reached. That is to say, PEOPLE who can be reached. If you literally FAIL THE TURING TEST while inserting harmful, "yelling fire in a crowded theater" propaganda into a string of NPC dialogue, social networks will have a dutiful and well-meaning "immune system" response to eliminate the threat.

Sometimes we make mistakes, and take the wrong approach in a given situation. Which is regrettable, on a personal level, but at the same time— you act on what your heart tells you, and if you miss the mark, you should face the repercussions that you knew you were opening yourself up to, e.g. being banned, etc. ... Punishing the WHOLE COMMUNITY for it is, frankly, ludicrous. I wish the powers that be would consider taking a deep breath and letting the situation dissipate before taking actions that will affect a long list of uninvolved people.

And perhaps consider easing off the prolific new account, which simply failed the Turing Test by posting 90% platitudes and 10% dangerous propoganda. If they are an actual person, fine. Politely remind them to wear a ƒucking goddamn mask, because only psychopaths don't care about other people's lives.
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