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Parenting Bringing up the shorties so they aren't completely messed up

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Trade Schools

I was talking(email) with a guy in MA telling him my buddy can't find enough plumbers and I heard electricians are also in short supply. I told him these plumbers are making over $100,000 with very little overtime, which is better than a zillion dollar student debt that can't even be escaped with bankruptcy, and a $45,000 a year job. But they've shut down the trade schools and pushed everyone toward collage whether they're suited or not.

His reply...
We have the same problem.
The damn teachers program the kids to think vocational training is for losers.
I am Chairman of the board for the vocational advisory.
I see it first hand.

I didn't go to college, no college debt,. i make +100k/yr.
Started out as a tool maker. became a designer, a General Manager, and now I design and build automation.
Not bad for a dirt poor single Mom environment that grew up in the ghetto living on powdered milk and ketchup sandwiches .
There was no "White privilege" in my history except white boxes of generic mac-n-cheese when Mom had an extra dollar to splurge

I do what I can to encourage success...
There was a 19 year old kid that worked here about 6 years ago. .
He was a "press Operator" ,.. a minimal wage grunt.
He looked depressed one day.
I approached him to inquire about his obvious discontent.
He said he will never have a good life because he didn't go to college.
He told me about being raised by a single mom and had to start working at McDonalds right after high school.
I asked him about his interests.
He told me a list of things,.. but 2 stood out,.. welding and scuba diving.
I told him about a desperate need for underwater welders.
We did a little research and found a school that specifies in that field in Florida.
He was able to get a full scholarship from a sponsor looking for help.
He went thru 4 months of training.
When he was certified,. he started his job the next day.
He makes 1000/day,, works 3-4 days a week.
I made a flyer to let his fellow workers know what he has become (Pic Attached).
I posted it in the break room.
He came back a year later to thank me for giving him a new life.
I told him "You gave yourself the new life, I just presented an option to get there".

There is so much good in our next generation,..
We can't let teachers keep pounding their narrative, perspectives, and opinions into these kids."
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