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shed door curio
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Hammering off the bunion, hammering off the toe

On April 17th I had the bunion removed from my left foot, and the hammer toe repaired. The pain block wore off 4 hours post surgery, then the real fun started. Thankfully, gratefully I was given Percocet..street name-Oxycoden. By day 2, I was ready to be taken back to hospital by ambulance, but knew I'd have further to walk to pee. Day 5 I was down to my last 6 pills (out of 30) and was freaking the f*** out. That night when I took the last pill and I say LAST pill, I was having some hallucinations. So THAT's what all the fuss about narcotics is.
Last Tuesday (20th) the pin came out of my hammer toe. I was so anxious to have it pulled out that I forced the doctor to freeze it first but OMG that hurt more I think, but I'll never know.
Having that foreign metal in my body, made everything hurt so much more...but finally I could take a shower! 34 days of sponge bathing is something to be desired.
I'm off work till July 17th and have learned true humility by learning to ask for help.
“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
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To shreds, you say?
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I feel your pain.

Not sure if this relates to your sitch, but the trick with pain meds is to stay ahead of the pain. If you wait until shit hurts you can never catch up.

And, this always brings me cold comfort, remember it will feel better when it stops hurting.
The internet is a hateful stew of vomit you can never take completely seriously. - Her Fobs
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Damn, limey, sounds like a hell of an adventure. I hope it ends up being worth it.
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Goon Squad Leader
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Pssst wrong lime.
Be Just and Fear Not.
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Old 05-28-2014, 06:47 AM   #5
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Oh you're right! Sorry limegreenc. I hope it was worth it for you too.
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The Un-Tuckian
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I'm sorry about your finger toe.

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