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Here Warch.
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Originally Posted by Undertoad
Tobiasly, Whit, 99 44/100% pure. . .
Thanks for noticing. Been besieged with life -- no time to even lurk much. Nice to see that postings still include a range of discussion about political and current events, coverage of virtually every interesting news item and amusing web-sightings, and even the ususual sprinkling of assholes ("Sex with a very large woman"). The reason I keep coming back, however, is the refreshingly honest glimpses at real life that cannot be found anywhere else, such as "do you pee in the shower?" and "losing your virginity." It's like those late-night gab sessions with all those new people you met freshman year in the dorms, but with a vastly larger range of experience and diversity.

Thanks, everyone, for making this such an interesting place to spend a little time!
Overcompensating for the 0.56% that is irredeemably corrupted.
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How is your SO? Is he ever gonna come back? I'll even offer him some Hello Kitty goodies.
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how did the saga of staceyv and her russian hubby/fiance/bf play out? That was the last internet quasi-argument I was involved in..
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nothing really new there. last we heard she was trying to learn russian.
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