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I hear them call the tide
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har thanks. I had to break that into two "words" to elongate the sound.
The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity Amelia Earhart
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Touring the facilities
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So I am copying mtp who copied jill, who copied someone else...I am starting to get lost in derivative land...or is it recursive? No, it isn't recursive. Anyway, here are my answers.

1. On your hot dog, ketchup or mustard?
Sacrilege! Mustard only. Never ketchup on a hotdog.
Chili and cheese
can't stand mustard. Has to be ketchup (or catsup)

2. Love or Financial Security?
Financial security - I can fight a burglar far more easily than I can stop someone breaking my heart.
I got lucky and found both.
Financial security: Maslow agrees with me.
I have love, which is great, but some financial security would be a nice addition.

3. Where would you choose to take a one week all expenses paid vacation?
As long as all expenses covers a great big party for all my chums.

Italy. I love historic cities with incredible architecture and stories to tell. I'm not too much of a lay on a beach kind of girl. I want to go exploring!
Really depends if I'm going alone or not. Can a hot boyfriend be thrown in there too? I'm not sure, but I'd want to go somewhere adventurous and nature orientated. Like a volcano, or the fjords of Norway have caught my attention, New Zealand is really pretty to from what I'm told...damn its so hard to narrow it down!
Definitely a trip to Australia, to visit some of our buddies down there.

4. What celebrity reminds you of yourself?
Eric Idle. Essentially talented, but only in occasional flashes and has made some baffling choices.
Many, many years ago I used to be mistaken for Julia Roberts (by blind people, apparently). Was even asked for "my" autograph once. Now, not so much. Besides, she's taller.
Myself. I am a celebrity.
Most likely that girl that plays Pam in The Office.

5. What is your quest?
I am working on a potion to translate cat-thoughts into pop songs.
This will be the basis for my financial security.

I'm going all serious on you and admit that I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of foster children.
Also going to be serious: to be someone I can be proud of.
To figure out what the heck I am doing.

6. What color is the number six?
Visual purple
I actually see it this way: Six.
I'm not sure but it smells like chocolate chip cookies.

7. How many netflix videos can you rent in one month?
Speaking personally, none. I don't understand the question.
Speaking personally, none. Though I do understand the question.
As many as the postal service will allow for. 1 at a time though.
As many as I want

8. Complete this series: Tiger, Napalm, Lavender, Pickle,

9. Would you rather eat a sandwich bag full of moths or spend a night in jail?
Spend a night in jail. As long as it didn't go down on my permanent record.
I've been to jail. I'll take the moths, thanks. Can I put chocolate syrup on them?
If the moths can be breaded and fried, I'll take 'em. You can eat anything if its been fried.
moths, as long as I can saute them in some butter and garlic. Or maybe deep fry them like mtp

10. Are you having wine?
In these trousers? Hardly
Often, but not at this precise moment.[/quote]
Damnit, I meant to stop and get some but it was raining and I forgot. [/quote]
I would be if I were smart.
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biggest vagina

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