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St Petersburg, Florida
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Originally Posted by Mr. Ears
This is the dullest place ever. It is full of rednecks and has nothing cool in it. It is very small with a population of about 1100 people. It is 20 minutes away from the nearest city. So, it is not a very cool place to live...
Hi Mr Ears. I've been away from the cellar for some time.....hiding out in rural Minnesota.

There is no doubt this area ( assuming the stretch of boredom reaches through Wisconsin also...and probably North Dakota ) is not real exciting. My first question is though, how did you end up there? Where did live before this mindnumbingly boring and frigid stretch of north central US?

And what the hell is wrong with rednecks? Sure, they dont fit in NYC but it seems like your area was MADE from bumfuk rural types.

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Mr. Ears
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Well, I was born in beloit and my mom decided beloit was a bad town so we moved to Orffy. And the only problem with rednecks is that there are to many here!
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