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Stem Cell Research

I hope the Gates Foundation will Match these contributions.
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Me too, but I'm afraid we haven't heard the last from the opposition.
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From the cited article:
Scientists hope stem cell research will lead to cures to diseases that afflict millions of people, but social conservatives liken the research to abortion because the process of extracting stem cells from a days-old embryo results in its death.
Meanwhile stem cell research is not just about curing diseases. Diseases such as breast cancer and leukemia are now traced to stem cell activity. Stem cell reseach is also about learning why so many diseases occur.

Just another reason why religious stifling of stem cell research is akin to bleeding someone to remove evil spirits. Just another example of introverted religious types stifling those who would instead advance mankind - learn more of god's laws - act as god's prophets. Religious types would instead insist that all of god's laws are in one book - the Bible. How introverted. No wonder Christian College libraries have so few books on science and math - and so much on religion and propaganda tools.

We call them introverts - such as those who openly lie under oath and on a Bible in Dover PA. People who would stifle advancement of mankind in the name of charismatic and dangerous manipulator; one who lies and calls that lie "god's word". The truly religious would strongly advocate as much stem cell research as can be performed productively. The truly religious know to worship god is to advance mankind.
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I am strongly in favor of stem cell research, but I have come to terms with side issues that will come with the territory. As well as research involving new drugs there will also be research done on how exactly how cells develop in the first days after conception. This will allow us to screen far more accurately for birth defects and enable us to combine gametes that have the genetic traits chosen by the parents. Once the all-clear is given these options will be open to companies which will pursue them due to the massive potential market once all the religious-right wingers have been silenced and nay-sayers of human engineering realize they cannot tell parents that they have no right to guarantee themselves healthy, productive offspring. Of course this won't be made public until all the kinks have been worked out and they won't have to tell anyone. Just remember that once you open something like this you cant tell people what part of it they can research. Don't kid yourselves that this is going to result in only altruistic cancer research, the almighty dollar is what's going to rule here.
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There will be nay-sayers to all things, just like those who said God does not want us to fly because we don't have wings.
Their argument now is equally as intelligent & should be given the same weight when deciding action.
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