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Food and Drink Essential to sustain life; near the top of the hierarchy of needs

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Mmmm Pizza


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Tuna and Sweet Corn: Bizarre.
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meh, didn't have my current favorite: BBQ chicken

BBQ sauce instead of tomato, chicken , then cheese on top.

Also, no Detroit style; Deep square dish but not with a raised crust, toppings go right to the edge so they crisp and brown at the edges.

I make pizza at home a lot, traditionally to me pizza is base , tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, then whatever toppings thrown on top.

The BBQ chicken comes from Ann Arbors own Cottage Inn, which is very good, the idea of putting the cheese on last to form a crust intrigues me, I may experiment with it.
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Doner meat (kebab aka gyro I believe) is not an uncommon topping in the cheaper establishments in this country. I'm surprised they haven't worked out a way to infuse the crust with cheap lager.

But when you (next) go to Rome, do have a calzone standing up at the counter, surrounded by workers with a glass of rough red wine. It costs more if you sit at one of the tables, but their calzone will fill you up all day.

I know we had a discussion on here once about the difference between stromboli or calzone. I forget the outcome, so I'm guessing we didn't reach one.
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Yes, our stromboli vs calzone thread is heavily googled but it's sub-par imo.
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Yesterday I kept getting a pizza bowl video popping up on FB.

You put the cheese sauce and toppings in a bowl, stretch a dough over it, bake it, and then pull it out and dump it over, upside down onto a plate.

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Now I'm hungry for pizza! Dammit!
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