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my first reply in The Cellar...& I'm all a twitter...

Originally Posted by lumberjim View Post
It's true enough. Don't we tend to think more of a person if they like the same music we like? If they reaffirm our own decisions? I think it matters if you like the Simpsons. If you don't ....I probably don't like you very much. If I think your music suck, you might get offended. But you didn't write the songs......

Since I've enjoyed a wide range of musical styles for the majority of my years, I have not been too concerned about what another likes or doesn't, a number of other attributes and traits have always weighed in so much more heavily. And I have found that anyone that is working at getting close (really close) to me, looks for me to share what I'm listening to so that she feels she gets to know who I am in one of a number of ways and until the two of us are no longer SO close anymore she always says how much she likes what I'm listening to and, often, introducing her if I can just find a gal who will stick with me for the rest of "this long strange trip I'm on" we will happily continue to enjoy the same music...Also the other folks I usually interact with through the years do not really have music listening as something they will spend time actively pursuing, so, often they are something of "an empty vessel" I appear to end up filling, and since everything I like and listen to is good <grin> they can't help but appreciate the music I like.
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I confess my vessel has been filled by a couple of people through the years.

I now try to fill my own. What an incredible journey! ....fumbling toward something good.

anyway, welcome to the cellar night owl.
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Welcome, nightowl.
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Hullo Nightowl!
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I've been thinking about this...

#1: You don't have to like the same music as me, for me to be cool with you, as a person.

But that may have something to do with this:

#2: You don't have to like the same music as me, for me to play in a band with you.

In other words, I will find something to appreciate in any kind of music, just like I will find something to appreciate in any kind of person. I mean, I try. Yeah, it's hard sometimes, but I think this is a way to grow as a person; by expanding your boundaries instead of guarding your limitations.
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gives you a little joy or excitement or awe, then you're on the right track.

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