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Punishing the WHOLE COMMUNITY for it is, frankly, ludicrous. I wish the powers that be would consider taking a deep breath and letting the situation dissipate before taking actions that will affect a long list of uninvolved people.
Ah, you are blaming me for this! Once again I kindly invite you to go fuck yourself.

You don't get to blame society or the right wing for being an asshole. You were already an asshole. Most of your post is you defending the fact that you get to be an asshole.

Being on a forum with you on it has been a horrible pain in my ass. It didn't start that way this week. Hint, I left the place for three months this year.

I didn't do this to you. YOU did this to you. Stop trying to fix others when you desperately need to fix yourself. Paranoid, bitter and angry is no way to go through life.

I don't believe that the threats you speak of are existential threats to your friends and family. An old woman on a forum immediately morphs into an existential threat to your friends and family that must be dealt with using tremendous force!

And you think you are being scientific so you get to be righteous. LOL. You are only following a public perception of what the science might wind up being. The science changes. And there are hundreds of variables involved in COVID transmission. You've focused on ONE. That's not science at all!

Here, take a look at the recent COVID new case graphs for several countries that are already on board with your idea of correct civil behavior:

But, if you do want to convince people to wear masks, a good start is being on their side. If they know you are not on their side, you will never ever convince them.

That also applies to electoral politics. We will soon have a measure of who feels comfortable stating their opinion publicly. Polls have Biden up by 12-17 points. If the election winds up closer, that will reflect the people who are unwilling to give their Trump opinion to anonymous pollsters on the phone. Never mind flying a flag.
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