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Electrical work scratches up you fingers and you need to crawl around in dusty attics some times. But I think it's good. Plumbing is fucking voodoo. You *know* how to do a thing, and do it, and the fucking thing leaks when you are done. Of course this is old work I am talking about. In new construction, you are in control, and can just do it right from the get go. You don't have to make a connection to some old existing thing.

The secret of plumbing old work is to never re-use old elbows or other fittings. Then clean the pipe to bare metal. Make sure there is absolutely no water in the line or the steam will cool the joint and you'll get leaks. Also flux and use a Mapp gas torch.

I'd say water in the line is the #1 cause of poor solder joints. Though now everyone is using crimp on style fittings.
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