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I'm just freaked out by the number of familiar names on that map.
Which is silly, because I've known since I was ?14? and first studied American history that that was the case.
Seems more real when it's on the Cellar though.

I've never not ever spotted even a squirrel in our back garden. That's Skwi-rell BTW, not Skwirl :LOL: I envy the 'rents and their soon-to-be-garden, because I bet they get squirrels there.
But before the housing estate grew up aroud us I regularly saw foxes (not urban, the ones that ate mousies) low-slung grunting badgers, bats which looked like wind-up toys flung into the sky, and rabbits grey as dawn. I miss the connection with nature and with the seasons.

Limey sees more - far more. I saw my first ever hare from her window.
And her whole world changes every month, but every month it stays the same.
Life's hard you know, so strike a pose on a Cadillac
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