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Originally Posted by DanaC View Post
Like UT says, that approach can't be used twice. It's a one shot deal.
It was never a one shot deal. Russians promised the entire world that all Sarin was collected and that Sarin ingredients would not be imported. Had Trump been smart, he would have railed at Russian lies. He didn't. He did not even blame the Russians - as if Russia was Great Britain. If Trump was truly the negotiator he claims to be, then his best arguments were powerful. An entire honest world would have to agree - Russia lied.

But those agruements cannot be used. Trump destroyed his own powerful position.

Furthermore, had Trump understood strategic military concepts, then he would have done what Clinton so successfully did in Iraq. If using military action, Trump should have attacked all Sarin facilities and warehouses. Since those are in bases even protected by Russian presence. Russians could not deny a massive Sarin cleanup and Sarin victims - of a chemical that Russia said did not exist.

Trump had two powerful options. He destroyed both by wasting $100 million on useless and irrelevant targets. Even that option is now gone - cannot be used effectively again. Since the Russians now have every right to (and will) install best protection from Cruise missiles. And will not monitor (and maybe harass) American warships. They now have the right to do so - because Trump screwed up.

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