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Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
thanks, I keep meant to read that when I saw it a little while ago then forgot all about it, I'll add it to my cart now to remind me. I was trying to find the paper on the subject that I read the abstract for when I got sidetracked from my own research way back when. But I never read the full paper have no clue as to the author's names. (That's not what I was supposed to be researching -I was looking at the transition from novice to expert algebraic problem solution .Can't resist anything about language though)

Anyhoo, the authors made people scared or angry and then monitored the reduction in endorphins (I think) and pulse/BP as groups used various "outlets" including yelling random words and yelling swear words, and a significant difference was noticed between those two groups as well as between those and the non-yelling groups. But that's all I remember. For now. I'm old. something else may resurface. I always wondered if the random shouted words mimicked the swear words or were things like "flower" "apron".....
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