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Jam you are offended by one word. That doesn't mean it should be banned. Or shouldn't be used at all. I really can't fathom why it makes you so angry.

It's a very common word and can be used in many parts of speech, so is also very versatile. One of its main uses is for the expression of frustration. It is very helpful for that and might almost be considered an alternative medicine. It has the right brevity and a good selection of consonants so saying it forcefully can have the same effect is punching a pillow and other things people to to redirect feelings of frustration.

And when you get down to the actual original meaning, it's about having sex. Which most people find fun. You seem to be happy enough to use the word "shit". Which refers to excrement. A necessary bodily function which most people would not necessarily categorize as "fun".

You might find your life so much more pleasant and peaceful if you revisit your issues with this word.
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