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Sarin and munitions can be moved from location to location and even kept on the move in mobile units. Just because it was at a particular location yesterday doesn't mean it will still be there today for an airstrike.

More importantly, if we strike a Sarin location, there's no guarantee it's going to instantly destroy all of the agent. It can disperse the agent (even mixing binary munitions), which is dangerous in both liquid and gaseous form (high volatility), can be lethal even in low concentrations, and works through inhalation or skin absorption (even vapor concentrations can penetrate the skin). Clothing contaminated with Sarin can release the agent for another half an hour.

The US would have no control over the fallout pattern from the explosions, who might be directly exposed to the Sarin; or, secondary exposures through contact with those already contaminated. Others would be able to claim that US strikes targeting CW had the effect of a CW attack. With people (especially Russians) in the area, it would take something like a developmentally impaired mind to think that targeting CW would have been a good idea.

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