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Meanwhile in NOLA...

Everyone should have a hobby; but, ...

The Archbishop of New Orleans orders a church altar to be burned after a pastor was caught in a 'demonic' sexual act

● A Louisiana pastor who filmed himself having a threesome on a church altar has been denounced by the New Orleans Archbishop, who called his actions "demonic."

Archbishop Gregory Aymond said on Friday that he has ordered the altar to be "removed and burned" and that the pastor, Travis Clark, will "never again" serve in Catholic ministry.

Aymond called Clark's actions "deplorable" and "demonic" in a video statement published by the Archdiocese on Friday.

"I am infuriated by his actions. When the details became clear, we had the altar removed and burned. I will consecrate a new altar tomorrow," Aymond said, according to Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Clark was arrested on September 30, along with the two dominatrices, in Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River.

The three were discovered by a passerby who saw that the church lights were on later than usual. The altar had been fitted with stage lighting and several cameras, according to local reports.

Along with the two women, Clark was charged with public obscenity a felony in Louisiana that carries a sentence as high as three years in prison. He has been removed from the ministry.

"Lady Vi," one of the two dominatrices involved in the act, wrote in a statement posted to Twitter on Saturday that all parties involved in the act "were consenting adults."

"I understand that people may be upset by this situation, but that does not make this conduct illegal or criminal in any way. I would implore anyone seeking to pass judgment or direct their energy elsewhere," she wrote, adding that it is "regrettable" that she is being presented to the world as a criminal.

Clark was ordained in 2013 and became the pastor of the Sts. Peter and Paul church in 2019. ...
Maybe alter boys can sue the dominatrices for alienation of affection.
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