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Motor Vehicle History

Contrary to some misconceptions Henry Ford did not invent the car, neither did Karl Benz.
They both made improvements but the history goes further back.

The power sources were steam, electric and petroleum, with a lot of additional pushing/pulling/cursing.

Steam was the favorite by a little over electric but way more than petroleum until the Ford Model T and
big leaps in refining and distribution around 1910.

Do you know how many different brands were sold in the US between 1871 and 1976? 264?

Nope. 528?

Nope. 808?

Nope. 1015

Nope. 1280?

Nope. 1528?

Nope. 1780?

Nope. 2040?

Nope. I don't know, how many?

Guess. No, how many?

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