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Without looking it up somewhere, I'd guess the following... not in any particular order.

Rural populations that depended on the extremely depressed timber industry
Rural coastal populations that rely on the fishing industry
Rural coastal populations that rely on the tourist industry
... all coastal business is very cyclic and/or has suffered in recent years.

Native Americans (reservations)
- but this may be changing with the new gambling casino incomes

Oregon has a fairly liberal attitude towards the homeless,
but I'd be surprised if that is a truly a significant number
- even tho we know other states do put a small number of homeless
or otherwise disabled people on buses with one-way tickets to PDX.

Otherwise, we also know that Portland is midway between Seattle and California,
and has mild winters so the homeless/unemployed are our "rain birds"
- as opposed to our better off "snow birds" that travel south over the winter.

Beyond that, I'd look at just the general unemployment in PDX as
a result of loss of jobs in manufacturing as the major group.

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