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Never heard of or tried Harissa --(interested in a review if anyone has). A good thicker sauce would be like an Adobo sauce, but that's chipotle. I had a thick, dark-red (almost brown) sauce (Habanero, I think?) that I used to put on all my sandwhiches, that Pooka says was 'Bufalo' (one f, not Buffalo) but I'm not sure that's what it was. A guy at work was telling me of a Mexican joint in Austin that makes pork tips in a dark-red sauce made of dried red chilis, ground into a paste and then strained. A 'massado' I think he called it.

I'm fixating on one thing here; there's a lot of good sauces, but the 'thick pastiness' you decribe is the winning characteristic.

Well, go with what you know!
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