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Originally Posted by jaminhealth View Post
You don't have to buy anything I say,
I'm not buying your misinformation nor am I sitting by while you infect others with it, that's how this fungus spread in the first place.

Stay Angry...check your blood pressure often...
Staying angry is up to you and your killer quacks, and my blood pressure is fine. Why are you concerned about my health and not the people you lead astray with false information?

and avoid older wiser people with years of experiences to talk about.
There you go again equating older and wiser forgetting about senility, Alzheimer's, dementia, memory loss, and confusion you old farts suffer and don't even know it.
Experiences? Every morning you pull the bucket up from the well and the water is 45. Someone says it was pleasant swimming in the warm lake, so you tell them they are wrong, you know from years of experience water is cold.

Maybe you are Irish, you posted something about the angry Irish or whatever it was.
Bingo, that's you in a nutshell, if you'll pardon the expression. You read something you believe I wrote, and don't remember what it was, but formed an opinion I might be Irish from your "experiences". You'll keep adding your experiences until you have a complete picture that's absolutely wrong, just like you have with everything else you expound on.
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