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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Why am I angry? Because passive is aiding and abetting liars like you.
Liar? Yes! If you say I believe the moon is made of green cheese, you're dismissed as a kook.
But if you say the moon is made of green cheese, that's a lie.

Now you said you knew a woman who took NyQuil and died. Fill us in on this woman, unless you were lying.
Tell us about why they brought a woman missing a leg to your room when you were in the hospital, unless you were lying.
I'm not buying the sweet little old lady bullshit as a cover for spreading lies that end up hurting people.
That's why I'm fucking angry.
You don't have to buy anything I say, Stay Angry...check your blood pressure often...and avoid older wiser people with years of experiences to talk about.

Maybe you are Irish, you posted something about the angry Irish or whatever it was.
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