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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
Lil Wayne
Lady Gaga
Montel Williams
Queen Elizabeth 2
Michael J. Fox
Toni Braxton
Nick Cannon
Tom Hanks
Bret Michaels
Halle Berry
Is it too late to edit my list?

I have a different pick that I feel good about. No new information. Just a feeling based on something someone said, and I realize is correct.

Someone young and famous and in perfect health is going to die this year. But they aren't on my list from a couple days ago. I'd even be willing to take somebody old off my list. Like QE2, if I can put this person on it.

Fuck it. I'll name him.

David Blaine.

Dead man walking. Dude is catching a bullet in his mouth every night in his Vegas show. Even if he's good, he only has to make one mistake one night. 99.9% success makes him dead. That 0.1% failure is all it takes.
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