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Pretty much all of them! Some passed on from Nanny to Mum and then onto me, some I just lucked into.
Still, it proves I feel 15 x worserer than everyone else so I win.

Originally Posted by Clodfobble View Post
I catastrophize on a pretty much daily basis. Any time someone is 5 minutes late, I imagine that they are probably dead in a ditch. I start mentally going through the process of what it will be like when I am notified of their death, who I will need to contact on their behalf, etc.
Once (when I wasn't at band camp) our home hairdresser was late.
I'd taken time off work - scheduled time it's true - just to have my hair done.
Mum was furious as twenty minutes became 30, became 40, became an hour.
I was about 18 and off work for the afternoon, what's not to like?
I said, "Maybe she had a car crash or something."

She hadn't.
But she had slipped on the ice getting into her car and broken something fundamental to hairdressing - an arm or a leg or her scissors. Oh, no - she probably wouldn't have been wearing a cast if it was her scissors.

It gave me a Cassandra complex for a while.
All about the me.
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