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This is third time I've tried writing this...finally...I am ready to die. Now. There are no words I can use to describe the horrors of my youth, the baggage that I carry, nor the pain that destroys all that is around me every momoment I exist.

There is more...there is more...but not here. I take it with me.

Else fate will bring me back another day. We will see. How will this cliff hanger end......return and find out. I think I know.

A poem I wrote when I was 10, abandoned by my family the year before...the pain starting to become familiar...

Who even knows,
who even cares?
I think I know,
it is known in your nightmares...

If you will try and think
of someone that you love,
then you'll know and cry,
because that person loves you

The third stanza is lost to my foggy memory. It doesn't matter. Fare-thee-well, may tomorrow's mystery be brighter and pain free...
"The pride system tends to intensify the self-hate against which it is supposed to be a defense, since any failure to live up to one's tyrannical shoulds or of the world to honor one's claims leads to feelings of worthlessness." Bernard J. Paris, Ph.D.
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