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They are an unstoppable force. I planted single whips 11 years ago. Since then I've leveled them to the ground twice. They send runners 4-5 feet under the slate sidewalk and pop up on the verge, they have moved a foot into the yard. The original planting line was 24 inches from the sidewalk, it's now 36. It's also spread somewhat by seed and by runners to lengthen as well as widen.

When the article says the object to heavy pruning, that may be true in their first few years, after that they display their objection by coming back like a Hydra. On the plus side, the flowers are nice and last a long time. The Japanese beetles love them. It seems the hips or beach tomatoes suck unless they grow in beachy conditions. The ones that grow in decent soil have thin leathery skins without much flesh or sweetness. I don't plan on importing 15 yards of beach sand.

I'm about to go out and do another hour of yard work.
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