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To shreds, you say?
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Yes, too true.

Now that I finished up my last nightmare, I am back to working (unpaid) with team whiz kid to finish the biz plan and find investors so we can get paid. I'm selling off all my photo gear on ebay to make my monthly nut. That, in itself is a full time job.

My buddy calls it shifting molecules. Converting molecules of gear into molecules of cash.

I spent an hour reclaiming the yard from 4 years of weeds. Got the hops poles unburied from the weeds and dirt, thank god for pressure treated wood. Cut back the suckers from a tree on the property line that I cut down a couple of years ago, the fucker won't die. Pruned back the grapes and I've been decimating the rugosa rose. I don't love them any more and they are taking over on a zombie rose march.

I could use a beer -- I haven't had a drink in months, I need to start brewing again. I got my stuff ready to go.

So, yeah. I better get off the TV. First, I may walk to the packie and grab a beer.
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