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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
That is to say, you have cherry picked parts of Bruce's posts
to twist them into something you can argue against, just like I did with my quote of you.

... We need to do it right.
Glatt. Is my bit about using vacant houses in Detroit the only idea presented in my sequence of posts ?
If that is all you got from it, then strike it out.

The Gov of Michigan is one of the ringleaders of this witch-hunt.

Maybe [they will]…pay taxes and work in the community, and have kids, and join the military, and
... you know, the same sort of things other refugees have done when given asylum in the US.

( Some might even become Republicans)

Diverting a discussion into a throwaway issue (here, it’s jobs in Detroit) is a tactic to delay or re-direct political issues.

I think we are all bright enough around here to get the gist of xoB’s post.
It’s a judgement call as to whether my responding to several of his comments
(i.e.,” nothing but the shirt on their back”, “may not speak English”,
[insufficient skills] “to support themselves”, “prime for recruiting by terrorists” )
amounts to cherry-picking. - - - I don’t believe so.

Even from all this, we still don’t see what is meant by “ it right “.

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