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Last weekend it was Storm Ciara, this weekend it's Storm Denis and it hasn't been much better in between.

My neighbour was due back home last Sunday from Germany but her flight was cancelled because of high winds at Heathrow.

She couldn't get a flight on Monday because the storm had, by then, moved into Germany so no departures.

She's back in the country but not yet back home as she's with family elsewhere.

I woke up at 0400 on Thursday and the power was off, although I think it might have failed a couple of hours earlier.

Text messages from the distribution company said that a fuse in a sub station had failed and we were to expect the supply to be restored by 0930.

Updates told us that branches were fouling the overhead lines and they needed to be dealt with before any semblance or normality returned.

After a false start just before 1400, which was accompanied by a loud bang somewhere in the vicinity, we were re-connected at just after 1500.

In order to keep us supplied with tea, I had to keep going to the neighbour's house (see above) and boiling a kettle on her gas cooker.

I will offer her an explanation when she returns and proffer thanks.

Last night Storm Denis was blowing a hooley but this morning everything is still standing, including the mighty 'leaning tower of fir tree' at the bottom of the garden.

There's a rare red warning for the South Wales valleys this morning which signifies danger to life.

The area is expecting up to 4.7 inches of rain in short order. Link

This winter is beginning to get a bit tedious.
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