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Originally Posted by glatt
I've purchased a couple bottles of the water shipped from Fiji. I thought the bottles might be good to reuse when backpacking because they are square and won't roll away from you when you are tossing them around. I wound up using Smart water bottles instead because they fit in my backpack pockets better and there's an available water filter that mates perfectly with a Smart bottle.
Fiji water is different, though, because it's the only one with silicon--comes from the volcanic rock in the area--which crosses the blood-brain barrier and bonds with aluminum and removes it from the body. Ain't no point in me giving you my anecdotal evidence of what it does for autism, but here's a study showing that just 12 weeks of consumption improved the cognition of Alzheimer's patients, which has long been known to be connected to aluminum buildup in the brain.

Big market opportunity for someone to enrich an existing American mineral water with silicon, but until then, we're getting ours shipped from Fiji.
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