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xoxoxoBruce 02-28-2020 04:35 PM

Your venom is dripping. You were OK until the last sentence, but it's Xi Jinping the heat should be directed at.

monster 02-28-2020 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Luce (Post 1047548)

He's like something out of Dilbert, really.

:rotflol: so scarily true

xoxoxoBruce 02-28-2020 11:28 PM

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BigV 02-29-2020 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Luce (Post 1047446)
There is now a case in California. Dude wasn't traveling and has no known contacts with primary cases.

Given the 14 day incubation period, that means a ton of people are probably infected.


That's just ... great.

tw 02-29-2020 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1047563)
... but it's Xi Jinping the heat should be directed at.

Another example of "85% of all problems are directly traceable to top management." Curious. Both Xi and Trump have communist attitudes. Everyone works to advance them.

China's problem was clearly defined in an obituary in The Economist. A 33 year old hero was jailed in less than 24 hours for discovering and posting the threat - in Weibo - a Chinese version of Facebook.

Ironically, in January, an 82 year old patient did not have symptoms. So he treated her glaucoma and took no precautions. He did not know she came from the same building that his infected patients had come from. So he died in February.

Eventually Chinese at highest levels admitted the little people knew what they were saying. But communists find it difficult to see that in time.

Te Don is doing something similar. But he silenced the people who come from where the work gets done. Silence the truth rather than address an obvious threat two months ago.

How anti-American is he? Pence is saying no Americans need masks. Reality, there are only 40 million masks available - because Trump did nothing for two months. 3M finally has contracts to make more. So 3M only started hiring two days ago. Another example of how 85% of all problems are traceable to that diclicking scumbag.

You are irrelevant. Only health workers need masks - according to an administration more ignorant than George Jr. Trump supporters will deny that reality. We do not have enough and were not making them - thank you Donald.

The president also said we will soon have a vaccine. Lying business school graduates are always obvious to the educated. He provided no numbers - the indication he is lying. A vaccine will not be available for one to 1.5 years. Don't worry if you are the 3% who are dead.

He also blame a stock market crash, in part, on actions not taken by the Federal Reserve. Again, he counts on Americans being dumb. Since we have been in a recession, the Fed has already lowered rates three times - almost as low as possible. Due to the scumbag's tax cuts and welfare for the rich, the Fed has very little ammunition left to soften (address) a recession. The dumb business school graduate does not even know that - due to a less than 30 second attention span.

We know the oncoming recession will only be made worse by Covid-19. What we do not yet know is a relevant number - how bad. Don't expect The Don to provide any. Otherwise, even his brainwashed supporters might realize he really is that dumb.

Undertoad 02-29-2020 05:46 PM

tw 02-29-2020 05:54 PM

In the past 24 hours, maybe four Corvid-19 infections have been located. Worse, none have any apparent connection to infected people. Implying there are many already infected people who have no symptoms. And unknown are many others who are also infected.

Again, we had two months to prepare and to learn. To even stockpile protective suits, facemask, and stock diagnotic labs. America's health system was obstructed by a president with a 30 second attention span. Whose "Don't worry; be happy" believes that a vaccine will soon arrive.

He then promised to put abut $1.2 billion into Covid-19 prevention. What did he not say? It will be paid for by cancelling ongoing research into HIV ($half billion) and from other research programs. Funny how he forgot to mention those numbers. As any good (criminal) business school graduate does when stiffing contractors and promoting SNAFU - situation normal; all fucked up.

Who so hates humanity as to still like (or believe) that scumbag.

He completely ignored Covid-19 until it affected something he understands - a stock market. Since he probably needs a robust market to maintain Ponzi schemes.

tw 02-29-2020 06:05 PM

He cannot post even one fact in support of a Nazi and White Supremacist fan who has a 30 second attention span. Instead posts a video as if it is somehow relevant. As if insults are better than honesty and numbers.

If not brainwashed, then facts can be disputed. Apparently insults will somehow avert Covid-19. Don't worry. Be happy.

Meanwhile watch so many patriotic Americans work their asses off in these next months to lessen damage and deaths created by Trump's 30 second attention span.

As his Secretary of State said, he is a moron. He was being polite.

Griff 03-01-2020 06:36 AM

I vomited an amazing amount last night putting the kaibosh (?) on the ski plans for today. Pete's blaming the chicken. Once again not Covfefe ;) but not cool.

glatt 03-01-2020 07:03 AM

hope you're on the mend today.

BTW, my wife with the flu was basically 100% better after 48 hours. I suppose the flu shot she got might have made her bout shorter than it would have been. And the Tamiflu sped the recovery too. Whatever it was, she was symptom free after 48 hours, and was fever free after only 24 hours. Yay!

Griff 03-01-2020 07:05 AM

That's good, we don't want anything lingering.

Dude111 03-01-2020 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by glatt
....My wife should be OK. She's staying home, but it ruins a big weekend of plans....

Im so sorry buddy,ill say a prayer for your wife....

I hope she feels better soon :)

xoxoxoBruce 03-02-2020 12:22 AM

A seminar at Michigan Law focused on cholera, Spanish flu, polio, AIDS, SARS, and Ebola. Every disease provokes its own unique dread and its own complex public reaction, but themes recurred across outbreaks.

1. Governments are typically unprepared, disorganized, and resistant to taking steps necessary to contain infectious diseases, especially in their early phases.
2. Local, state, federal, and global governing bodies are apt to point fingers at one another over who’s responsible for taking action. Clear lines of authority are lacking.
3. Calibrating the right governmental response is devilishly hard. Do too much and you squander public trust (Swine flu), do too little and people die unnecessarily (AIDS).
4. Public officials are reluctant to publicize infections for fear of devastating the economy.
5. Doctors rarely have good treatment options. Nursing care is often what’s needed most. Medical professionals of all kinds work themselves to the bone in the face of extraordinary danger.
6. In the absence of an effective treatment, the public will reach for unscientific remedies.
7. No matter what the route of transmission or the effectiveness of quarantine, there’s a desire to physically separate infected people.
8. Victims of the disease are often thought to deserve the affliction, especially when those victims are mainly from marginalized groups.
9. We plan, to the extent we plan at all, for the last pandemic. We don’t do enough to plan for the next one.
10. Historical memory is short. When diseases fall from the headlines, the public forgets and preparation falters.

Undertoad 03-02-2020 08:58 AM

Trouble with sick workers? Just import slave labor hard workers from your minority reeducation camps migrant labor force.

Guardian: China transferred detained Uighurs to factories used by global brands – report


At least 80,000 Uighurs have been transferred from Xinjiang province, some of them directly from detention centres, to factories across China that make goods for dozens of global brands, according to a report from the Canberra-based Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

Using open-source public documents, satellite imagery, and media reports, the institute identified 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces that have used labourers transferred from re-education centres in Xinjiang since 2017 as part of a programme known as “Xinjiang aid”.

In conditions that “strongly suggest forced labour”, the report says, workers live in segregated dormitories, are required to study Mandarin and undergo ideological training. They are frequently subjected to surveillance and barred from observing religious practices. According to government documents analysed by the ASPI, workers are often assigned minders and have limited freedom of movement.

The factories were part of supply chains providing goods for 83 global brands, the report found, including Apple, Nike and Volkswagen among others.

Clodfobble 03-02-2020 10:05 AM

To be clear, they already were in forced-labor camps, they've just changed locations. It absolutely does not excuse the Chinese treatment of the Uighurs overall, but honestly it's probably better for them in the factories than where they were.

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