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sexobon 04-07-2014 09:42 PM

But why "1 members" ... plural?

xoxoxoBruce 04-07-2014 10:53 PM


footfootfoot 04-08-2014 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by sexobon (Post 896256)
But why "1 members" ... plural?

Missing apostrophe and ellipsis. Should be "One (re)members..." Kids today.

Clodfobble 06-21-2014 07:02 AM

How long have the IoTD threads had star ratings?

Undertoad 06-21-2014 09:38 AM

Couple of years. It was announced at some point, I think it went in with the tags.

Clodfobble 06-21-2014 10:48 AM

Goddamn I'm oblivious.

DanaC 06-21-2014 11:14 AM

Me too!

BigV 06-21-2014 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Clodfobble (Post 902475)
Goddamn I'm oblivious.

Awww, don't feel bad, I'm A-negative.

Wait, what?

infinite monkey 06-22-2014 10:06 AM

I didn't notice the ratings either. So, to experiment, I rated the Bran Castle thread (4 stars, bravo!) and now when I look at the entire IotD listing, there are a few that have the star ratings and most don't. The Bran Castle that I rated has no stars. I thought maybe the stars only show up if someone has rated that particular entry. When I cursor-hover over the ones with stars, the least amount of ratings I've found is 3. Maybe they don't show up until they've had at least 3 people vote?

lumberjim 06-22-2014 07:55 PM

I don't think Tapatalk supports star ratings

fargon 06-23-2014 11:47 AM

Where are the ratings on IOTD? I'm using Chrome does that make a difference? I'm so confused I don't know what to do.

elSicomoro 07-02-2014 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by lumberjim (Post 902644)
I don't think Tapatalk supports star ratings

Hey, do you pay for it or use the free version? This is the first time I've ever used it (free), and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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BigV 07-02-2014 01:59 PM

Hiya Sycamore!

elSicomoro 07-02-2014 02:03 PM

What up?!

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lumberjim 07-02-2014 02:23 PM

Free version

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