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lumberjim 12-14-2019 07:58 PM

Fixing shit is very gratifying

Griff 12-15-2019 07:46 AM

Damn straight.

fargon 12-15-2019 08:26 AM


sexobon 12-15-2019 08:30 AM

That's why we have "FIFY."

Gravdigr 12-15-2019 02:22 PM

Breaking shit that desperately deserves it can be very satisfying also.

monster 03-14-2020 01:18 AM

Hoping Polo Girl's long-planned Spring Break trip might actually work out. She's the biggest Harry potter Freak and doing a masters degree in Florida. So visiting the Wizarding World was immediately on her plans once accepted. And now COVID. Many parks in Orlando have closed. She drove down today. universal says it's closing on Monday. Hoping beyond all hope she gets her visit in on Sunday. She's too knackered from driving to do it tomorrow. Please stay open per your aannouncement, Universal

It needs to be this year. Next Spring she wanted to do Starwars, But... highly unlikely her required dig in Rome is going to go ahead this summer, so she might have to be fulfilling that course requirement next spring

xoxoxoBruce 03-14-2020 04:41 AM

Could be a lot less crowded on Sunday.

Undertoad 03-14-2020 09:04 AM

Wish I was young again so I could be invincible again

monster 03-14-2020 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1048450)
Could be a lot less crowded on Sunday.

That's what I thought. Might be awesome..... and the employees still need to get paid. You don't go to a theme park to be social, just don't huddle up in line, use hand sani, don't touch your face, it'll be fine. fine. Then stay away from old people.

xoxoxoBruce 03-14-2020 11:25 PM

The biggest thing in her favor is she's young and healthy, so even if exposed to it she'll have flu symptoms for a week or two then be immune.

monster 03-15-2020 01:07 AM

Not sure about the immunity, don't think there's sufficient evidence yet...but yes, I'm not shitting bricks about this venture. I think she should do it. She is young but wise, it will be fine. She just needs to stay away from her more aged profs when she gets back

xoxoxoBruce 03-15-2020 01:51 AM

Your right I just read the immunity is a no go. :(

monster 03-15-2020 11:50 AM

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xoxoxoBruce 03-15-2020 05:55 PM

Is that Hogwarts regulation dress, I was expecting jeans, should have known better.:smack:

monster 03-15-2020 07:23 PM

My child does not wear jeans. Never has. She has one pair of jeggings she wheels out if there's a requirement for a team pic or motorcycle training course....

They had a fab time, no lines, perfect weather front row on all the rides, I'm so happy :D

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