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footfootfoot 03-27-2013 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by zippyt (Post 858448)
Brewing or yeast growing I bet,
Or there is all ways that corse on male prostitution .

I've always wanted to be a yeast rancher but couldn't find a horse tiny enough.

xoxoxoBruce 03-27-2013 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by DanaC (Post 858490)
And I ended up pleased with paper :)

See now that's bad, you put it off till the last minute and got away with it. That's a bad habit that will bite you some day when there's hundreds of people watching. :p:

DanaC 03-28-2013 04:40 AM

Hahahahhahah yes I know. One day I will run straight into the wall :P

infinite monkey 04-16-2013 07:56 AM

Two consultants coming in to help clean up a past year's issues. The meeting for them (for which I was supposed to take lead but The Sidler has and that's fine with me) starts in 7 minutes.

Then a meeting with accounting.

Then this after noon the meeting that made me so messed up last week. I don't know if dragon lady will be in attendance.

So, this day could go either way. Send me strength to stick to it, to not give them the satisfaction of quitting.

Right now I am smiling and joking and will go with the flow. Keeping an open mind as my imaginary internet friend ;) told me to, and my loins girded. And I must remember to BREATHE.

Wouldn't mind if the inevitable conclusion happened this week instead of next (the end of my cap which they let me know in no uncertain terms last week that I am completely fucking up.)

Thanks for letting me bolster myself. :)

footfootfoot 04-16-2013 08:32 AM

How do you manage to get a lion into a girdle? I'd have thought there'd be a lot of scratching.

infinite monkey 04-16-2013 08:40 AM

All the fashion Lions are wearing Spanx.

Which is my way of saying: huh? ;)

glatt 04-16-2013 09:15 AM

How did your meeting go?

infinite monkey 04-16-2013 09:58 AM

The consultants are moving forward on the project. I am here to help when they run into the weird stuff. They cancelled my 11 meeting.

It's the 2:00 which is the meeting that was so awful last week that is worrying me now.

As I've said...I just want it over one way or another. If we all go forward from here and I keep my job: great. But obviously it has to change. I think it can, giving the massive amounts of information I've tried to absorb over the past few weeks. It's really just a question of whether they 'get' what I've been saying or not.

infinite monkey 04-16-2013 02:18 PM

Well, that went pretty well. Huh. She was there, and it was professional and I think I presented my points very well.

One more week, we shall see.

But the best thing: after all I was worried about last night (not sleepy well, which is unusual...I"m a great sleeper) and this morning (a coupla barfings due to nerves) it's over and it didn't go badly. Didn't go badly a'tall. Even if I do only have one more week I can deal with it when I don't feel like I did last week.


limey 04-16-2013 02:26 PM

Sounds good.

Sent by thought transference

Clodfobble 04-25-2013 05:31 PM

We have been lucky to have really great teachers at our elementary school so far. They always seem to treat Minifob as one of their favorites (partly due to the fact that I'm also an active and helpful classroom parent, no doubt.)

At the end of the year, each grade does a little performance program. A hundred-plus first graders, only ten speaking parts, and somehow they gave one of the largest parts to Minifob.

His teacher's insane! I mean, I get it, they see it as kind of a special nod to his social growth, and they wouldn't want to waste a part on any of the kids whose parents won't bother to show up after all. And he's definitely not going to clam up on stage, which can't be said of all kids. But he's also just as likely to turn to the audience and start explaining, "I'm not really Mr. Smith, I'm pretending to be Mr. Smith, this is called acting and when people get up on a stage to tell a story it's called a play, and we're not really lost, we're just pretending..."

Or he might pull it off without a hitch. I'm nervous.

Pete Zicato 04-25-2013 05:53 PM

I would enjoy the performance more if it went like that.

xoxoxoBruce 04-25-2013 06:45 PM

You have to video it... you must, you must. If it plays out like that, you'll make a million bucks on youtube, and live happily ever after. :jig:

footfootfoot 04-25-2013 07:02 PM

Oh yes! Charlie and his stupid damn finger will be anonymous in comparison.

BigV 04-26-2013 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 862636)
You have to video it... you must, you must. If it plays out like that, you'll make a million bucks on youtube, and live happily ever after. :jig:

America's Funniest Videos, $$$$


you tape it and post it, *I'LL* pay to watch it! to the tip jar, of course.

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