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Undertoad 02-09-2018 02:47 PM


There are only two links on the page that aren't usual, the original Splitsider link and a nytimes link. I've remove the splitisder link, does it still do it?

Carruthers 02-09-2018 02:51 PM

I'm on my iPad at the moment. I'll fire up the PC again and let you know in a few minutes.

Carruthers 02-09-2018 02:56 PM

Back on the PC again. Getting the 'connection was reset' page but not moving on to the 'Threat secured' stage as previously.

DanaC 02-09-2018 03:14 PM

I'm still getting it.

Undertoad 02-09-2018 04:44 PM

K then this is AVG's problem. It's a bug in their software and they will have to take a look at it. The only links that aren't placed by regular users are the Tapatalk links that are on every page. I think AVG is doing this in error.

DanaC 02-09-2018 05:05 PM

Does Avaast use AVG's software? I use Avaast. it looks a near identical warning screen.

Undertoad 02-09-2018 05:34 PM

Try it now

DanaC 02-09-2018 05:45 PM

Fine now.

What did you do?

Undertoad 02-09-2018 06:05 PM

I renamed the thread. Faceb00k.

xoxoxoBruce 02-09-2018 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by DanaC (Post 1003818)
Does Avaast use AVG's software? I use Avaast. it looks a near identical warning screen.

Avast is AVG.

Carruthers 02-10-2018 03:12 AM

All is well this morning.

I've done an anti-virus scan and there's nothing nasty there.

DanaC 02-10-2018 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by Undertoad (Post 1003822)
I renamed the thread. Faceb00k.

I thought that was what you'd done, but I wasn't sure I hadn't just misremembered the original title.

Why did that work?

Undertoad 02-10-2018 08:28 AM

Yeah, make a thread called "Facebook killing everything", it breaks the Cellar. It turns out, AVG has an irony filter.

DanaC 02-10-2018 11:12 AM

Who knew?

Undertoad 02-10-2018 11:18 AM

But yeah, I have no legit guess on this one.

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