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Elspode 06-21-2006 02:40 PM

Huh? You should have gotten a cookie or something. That's good advice to people who don't want to raise children. Don't have 'em.

Makes perfect sense.

skysidhe 06-22-2006 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Undertoad
:| Something that used to work before the hacking

hacking? Why is that not a suprise. :headshake


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
Cliques? We have cliques?

I didn't notice any either. :unsure: that's a good thing !

* I love this place* :biggrinlo


Originally Posted by wolf
We have since AG hit us.

I still don't see it.


Originally Posted by wolf
I post on another board that does use the "karma" system ... I got my first red (i.e., bad) karma today for telling some moron who said she didn't want to ever have anything to do with the raising of her own children "Please don't breed."

I don't spend a lot of time there, but they have some special-interest topic areas that I follow.

Two things to keep in mind when going to places like that.
#1 either dont go there at all ( meaning don't get any on ya) or #2 if you do, give' em hell:D

Elspode 07-03-2006 04:51 PM

Clicking on Links
Did something change here recently? Used to be that when I would click on a link someone posted, another window would open, no problem. Today, every link I've clicked on (on two different computers, mind you) acts like a popup, and my popup blocker does what it does...blocks them.

Undertoad 07-03-2006 05:00 PM

I haven't made any changes recently that should affect that sort of thing.

skysidhe 07-15-2006 01:49 AM

I the FAQ dosn't tell me how to make a poll. ?

Undertoad 07-15-2006 08:03 AM

It's an option below the text box when you are starting a new thread.

skysidhe 07-24-2006 11:20 AM

Thank you.

When I try to make a contraction using an apostrophe such a phrase finder comes up on the bottom of the screen instead.

I know it must be a glitch? Phrases are shown with quotaion marks not apostrophies anyway.

wolf 07-27-2006 01:37 AM

I get stuff like that happening every now and again too. I have no idea why ... or I go to hit some key that usually does nothing successfully, and now does nothing unsuccessfully (like flip back pages as though I was clicking on the browser 'back' button). It's not consistant, but closing the browser and restarting it usually stops it. For a while.

skysidhe 07-27-2006 01:44 AM

Yeah, it stopped next time I logged in. I thought maybe I was just being an idiot. ...which is quite possible...considering.

footfootfoot 07-30-2006 09:41 PM

Do we have new fonts?

Undertoad 07-30-2006 09:48 PM

Old friend of mine said he had this dialogue with his mother:

Thom: We have a lot of fonts at work.
Mom: Oh, Thomas, don't call them that, they're people too.

There have been no new fonts or styles put into use for quite some time.

wolf 07-30-2006 10:01 PM

And a damn good thing it is, too.

First they start on Helvetica, then Palatino Linotype, then next thing you know they're on to the display fonts, Gill Extra Bold, Babyteeth, Cooper Black ... absolute chaos!

Please, don't make me post links to the board I go to with the colors and the animated signatures and the avatars ...

Ibby 07-31-2006 01:23 PM

1 Attachment(s)
It may or may not be the Cellar's fault, but about a third of the time, when I open a page on the Cellar, I get the following error... why?

Spexxvet 07-31-2006 02:46 PM

Cause they're on to you. You must now eat your computer.

BigV 07-31-2006 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by MaggieL

Originally Posted by wolf
Nice modest proposal. I'm for it.
Soylent Green is people!!

No, waitaminute...

"Illegals To Feed Homeless In Parks"

is not to be confused with

"Illegals Fed To Homeless In Parks"


"Illegals Feed On Homeless In Parks"

Reminds me of my ex-father-in-law, who liked to joke that "I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is the Martians have landed. The good news is they eat n*ggers and piss gasoline."

Now there's a "social policy with multiple objectives" for ya.

Why is it that when left clicking on the poster's name, there is no "Add to Ignore List" to compliment the superfluous "Add to Buddy List"? :mad:

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