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Nic Name 07-07-2002 12:47 AM

Cellar tag lines

The Cellar: we're not racists, but we do favor black... text on light grey background
You can do different. Any ideas?

elSicomoro 07-07-2002 12:58 AM

My current sig line on the ng's promotes Cellar as "Because you need some brain food."

Ridiculous Suggestions:

Go through a variety of emotions in just one sitting

A well-organized army of talking heads

Our barks are worse than our bites

Nic Name 07-07-2002 01:16 AM

The Cellar: where the emperor gets new threads.

juju 07-07-2002 01:18 AM

Re: Cellar tag lines

Originally posted by Nic Name
You can do better. Any ideas?
I dunno.. I thought it was funny. :)

Nic Name 07-07-2002 01:44 AM

The Cellar: an attempt to organise the ignorance of the community and to elevate it.

-- stolen from Oscar Wilde

Undertoad 07-07-2002 09:31 AM

(They can't be too long... the current one is too long.)

Post and give yourself your own reason to return

It's all about you! And you and you and you and me

Patiently awaiting the dot-org bubble

As addictive as nicotine, as nutritious as mother's milk

Free wth registration: a bunch of people to talk to

Trolls, morons and spammers will be shot on sight

Nic Name 07-07-2002 10:45 AM

The Cellar: addictive as nicotine; enriching as mother's milk.

Undertoad 07-07-2002 10:51 AM


Nic Name 07-07-2002 11:07 AM

oops! we got the punctuation wrong.

The Cellar: addictive as nicotine; enriching as mothers' milk.

and it looks best with a period, or dot, at the end to close the thought, even if it is a sentence fragment. The verb "is" being implied.

dave 07-07-2002 11:11 AM

I really really <b>really</b> liked "patiently awaiting the dot-org bubble"... :)

Nic Name 07-07-2002 11:16 AM

These little humorisms have a short shelf life, at best. So, it's good for everyone interested to keep thinkin' and postin' new ideas and comments here to keep the tag line fresh.

Undertoad 07-07-2002 11:29 AM

Done. "Dot-org bubble" will be next then. Nic, remind me when this one is too old...

Tobiasly 07-07-2002 12:29 PM


Originally posted by Undertoad
Patiently awaiting the dot-org bubble
Hahaha.. me likes

SteveDallas 07-08-2002 11:40 AM

An oasis in the desert of cluelessness

Welcoming everyone except the intolerably irritating since 1990

My favorite web site tag line of all time is from The Straight Dope. Of course we'd never stoop to "borrowing" it: "Fighting ignorance since 1973 (it's taking longer than we thought)"

Nic Name 07-08-2002 08:28 PM

Fighting and ignorant since 1990. ;)

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