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fargon 10-12-2020 01:44 PM

DanaC 10-13-2020 04:22 PM


good lord there is so much help and to just go on Fing and Fing
Do I need to spell this one out?

monster 10-13-2020 06:16 PM

Fing1 and Fing2 ?

monster 10-13-2020 06:34 PM

Jam you are offended by one word. That doesn't mean it should be banned. Or shouldn't be used at all. I really can't fathom why it makes you so angry.

It's a very common word and can be used in many parts of speech, so is also very versatile. One of its main uses is for the expression of frustration. It is very helpful for that and might almost be considered an alternative medicine. It has the right brevity and a good selection of consonants so saying it forcefully can have the same effect is punching a pillow and other things people to to redirect feelings of frustration.

And when you get down to the actual original meaning, it's about having sex. Which most people find fun. You seem to be happy enough to use the word "shit". Which refers to excrement. A necessary bodily function which most people would not necessarily categorize as "fun".

You might find your life so much more pleasant and peaceful if you revisit your issues with this word.

Clodfobble 10-13-2020 06:37 PM

The Science of Why Swearing Reduces Pain

monster 10-13-2020 06:45 PM

Flint, I'm sorry. It's very similar here right now, and very scary. And I know you have a lot of other shit going on right now, But the forum isn't being closed just because of you. The way you approached the issues wasn't necessarily the best but then everyone else couldn't even get their act together to say anything at all. We were complicit in our silence. And we stopped speaking up when things were wrong in general. we stopped supporting one another because we all had so much personal crap going on. We took Tony and the Cellar for granted at a time when he too needed support. It just reached the end of its natural life. And it was a helluva long life. Must've been the Whale Penis Oil supplements.

monster 10-13-2020 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Clodfobble (Post 1060547)

thanks, I keep meant to read that when I saw it a little while ago then forgot all about it, I'll add it to my cart now to remind me. I was trying to find the paper on the subject that I read the abstract for when I got sidetracked from my own research way back when. But I never read the full paper have no clue as to the author's names. (That's not what I was supposed to be researching -I was looking at the transition from novice to expert algebraic problem solution :D .Can't resist anything about language though)

Anyhoo, the authors made people scared or angry and then monitored the reduction in endorphins (I think) and pulse/BP as groups used various "outlets" including yelling random words and yelling swear words, and a significant difference was noticed between those two groups as well as between those and the non-yelling groups. But that's all I remember. For now. I'm old. something else may resurface. I always wondered if the random shouted words mimicked the swear words or were things like "flower" "apron".....

Urbane Guerrilla 10-14-2020 11:49 PM

And Ventura County has zero time for any of this shit.

But in what'd amount to a vote of no confidence, Governor Newsom might be out of office next election.

That Nancy Pelosi's his aunt isn't a selling point.

xoxoxoBruce 10-15-2020 03:05 PM

You speak for Ventura County now. I'm impressed with your promotion.

Happy Monkey 10-15-2020 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by Ventura County Star
Results of a poll released by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies show that 64% of likely California voters approve of the job Gov. Newsom has done. Another 36% disapprove.
Still, the poll found that Newsom's approval rating is among the highest of any governor the state has had in the past 50 years during the same point in their term.

Flint 10-15-2020 05:04 PM

but MY people are mad and WE HAVE SHOOTY GUNS

ericmiles 10-27-2020 07:23 AM

Nice and smart thread. Thanks for this.

limey 10-27-2020 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by ericmiles (Post 1061056)
Nice and smart thread. Thanks for this.

Hi Eric!

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Dude111 10-27-2020 07:41 AM

Welcome Eric :)

fargon 10-27-2020 07:46 AM

Good Evening Eric.

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