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Flint 06-21-2007 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by SteveDallas (Post 357566)
So are you admitting the existence of a) your computer monitor and b) radiation?


So many assumptions there... . . .
And, what is this Flunt business?!

monster 06-21-2007 10:21 PM

im in ur cellurz flunting ur flint

Flunt 06-21-2007 11:29 PM

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Originally Posted by Flint (Post 357683)

And, what is this Flunt business?!

Flint 06-21-2007 11:35 PM

WTF? (who teh Flunt?)

lumberjim 06-21-2007 11:46 PM

I don't know, but if you had a cunt, I'd call it a Flunt!

Shawnee123 06-22-2007 07:35 AM


BigV 06-27-2007 10:05 AM

What is the time window for editing a post, and why is it less than 24 hours?

Undertoad 06-27-2007 10:11 AM

It's 12 hours, strikes a balance between people being able to fix errors and people being able to retract what has already been put out there.

BigV 06-27-2007 10:14 AM

Thank you.

Weird Harold 06-27-2007 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by Undertoad (Post 359250)
I really like to smell my farts

Why is it so easy to screw with people's quotes?

DucksNuts 06-27-2007 08:41 PM

I cant decide if I like Flunt or Flint better.

Undertoad 06-27-2007 08:56 PM

I really do like to smell my own farts.

Cloud 07-03-2007 09:07 AM

:morncoff: I noticed in the advanced search screen there's a box that says, "check child forum."

We have a child forum?

Undertoad 07-03-2007 02:50 PM

It's jargon. "Child forum" refers to any forum that is a "sub-forum" in some way, so if you searched the child forums of the "images" category, you'd search both image of the day and quality images.

Cloud 07-03-2007 03:04 PM

oh, I get it. duh.


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