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The Cost of Music

I was reading an article about a band called the Charlatans in late 60s San Francisco.
I clicked on a link and it took me to Amazon recordings and the Eagles Desperado specifically.
I was surprised at the price of vinyl so I looked at a couple more Eagles albums and the pricing made no sense at all.

Desperado (180 Gram Vinyl)
Eagles Format: Vinyl
$20.23 = $3.99 shipping
>Audio CD $32.36 ....... $32 bucks for the CD??
2 New from $32.36

Their Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2 (2CD)
Eagles Format: Audio CD $16.59
4 Used from $12.59
13 New from $14.24
>Vinyl $65.18 .......... $65 bucks for used vinyl and $38 bucks for new??
1 Used from $65.18
13 New from $37.62

Hotel California: 180 gram vinyl
Eagles Format vinyl $24.27
>Streaming Unlimited - free app
>MP3 $10.49
>Audio CD $23.99
8 Used from $9.95
5 New from $19.64
1 collector from $22.05
>Audio DVD $88.99......... I wonder if this has pictures too??
3 used from $88.99
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A friend of mine owns a bookstore and she said that sellers who sell on amazon used to use software that would find a competitor selling the same thing and and would set their price to ten cents more than the competitor's price. If got funny when the competitor had the same software and overnight what started out as a $15.00 item at 5:00pm would now be $189,000 at 8:00am.

This was several years ago, I think they might have worked out some of the kinks, but maybe there's something like that still going on. I find weird book pricing all the time, ranging from $3.99 to $859.00
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teh cost of ... music?

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