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Every year Wikipedia asks for donations, and I give them $20.00. So yes I pay for Wikipedia. Because I use it everyday.
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I've thrown them some cash too.
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I've given them a dollar for every edit I've made and taken away a dollar for every edit that was removed.

They owe me
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Diaphone Jim
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I contribute about $30 a year.
I get thousands back in information.
Remember the Encyclopedias Americana and Britannica?
Huge and hugely expensive with updates yearly. Yearly!

I also use Google a lot, but I think they get more back somehow.
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The Un-Tuckian
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Ah, donations.

I was thinking subscriptions, or ya got sumpin extra if you're a paying member.

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Originally Posted by Undertoad View Post
They owe me
Every contribution I made to Wikipedia (even a decade ago) remains. Every so often, some extremist will overwrite some paragraphs. I was amazed. Others, in less than 24 hours, undid that misinformation. Many of the original sentences from a decade ago still remain - some had to be restored.

Examples include facts about Sadddam's WMDs. What was written then remains factual today.
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