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I voted tonight. It was done on a mail in ballot.

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Not only has Trump sought to spread FUD about our upcoming election and the inevitable increase in voting by mail using his tweets, he has also grafted gifted rewarded captured the Postal Service by installing one of his mega donors as the Postmaster General (such a swamp move, the PMG's wife was named the Ambassador to Canada--poor Canada). This new PMG has declared that in order to be more like a business and less like a government service, *no overtime will be paid*. When the whistle blows, drop the mail where you stand. It'll be there tomorrow.

What's this got to do with voting?

Thirty-five states now either allow no-excuse absentee voting or vote entirely by mail, and during this pandemic, more people than ever will choose to avoid polling places and cast their ballot that way. That already means that the Postal Service will have to handle more absentee requests and ballots than ever before — and Trump’s postmaster general has forbidden its workers from working overtime.

Now here’s the kicker. In 34 states, under current law it’s not enough that your absentee ballot be postmarked by election day. It has to be received by election authorities by election day.
As I pointed out earlier in this thread, it's possible to verify your options for voting by mail *NOW* and the sooner the better. Vote. Please vote. To make it count, you have to follow some rules and the sooner the better.
Be Just and Fear Not.
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Old 08-04-2020, 06:40 AM   #138
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I already Voted, in the Aug 11 primary. And I have mail in ballots coming for all of the upcoming elections. We can do that in Wisconsin.
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Can't vote in the general election until the candidates are revealed. Name:  why.gif
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Speaking of elections, Pete's signs were stolen off our property today.

Property Rights are a fundamental belief of the ___________ Party.
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