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lobber of scimitars
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Not Technically a Direct Brush With Fame ...

But tonight at work one of the doctors was talking about a state supreme court decision on a case involving the hospital and a guy who sued for wrongful imprisonment or a civil rights violation or something ...

Well, anyway, I looked up the decision, and it wasn't the state supreme court that ruled on it ... It was the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals that found for the Defendants, and the Opinion on the case was written by Judge Alito.

The case involved some fairly obscure bits of mental health law, but the opinion was very well written and indicated a clear understanding of both the particular laws involved as well as supporting case law.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but hey, Alito ruled on something with personal relevance to me ... and I think that's cool.

It also says a lot about our established policies and procedures and how well they work, actually.
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Only slightly better than having a brush with any other scumbag politician.
Judges are just a lawyer-politician cross.
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Wolf, can you get me an autographed photo? From either Ailito, the doctor or the patient in question?
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