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Food and Drink Essential to sustain life; near the top of the hierarchy of needs

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What does 200 calories look like?

It's worth it to check this out. Some of this falls under the *duh* category, but I was surprised by some of it too.

A photo series showing 200 calories of various foods.

Here's a tiny sample of the photo series:

200 calories of cornmeal
Name:  what-200-calories-look-like-food-48.jpg
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Size:  24.3 KB

200 calories of broccoli
Name:  what-200-calories-look-like-food-6.jpg
Views: 190
Size:  64.7 KB

200 calories of Mc Donald's cheeseburger
Name:  what-200-calories-look-like-food-2.jpg
Views: 164
Size:  21.6 KB
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