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Attempted Assassination of Missouri Governor Nixon, 2010

The attempt was greeted with a notable silence among the chattering class MSM.

Missouri governor was intended target of stabbing at MCC-Penn Valley

By Christine Vendel and Mara Rose Williams/The Kansas City Star, Mo. (MCT)
Published: Thursday, September 16, 2010 7:02 AM CDT
The student accused of stabbing a college dean in the neck Tuesday in Kansas City actually wanted to stab Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, according to sources close to the investigation.

In fact, Casey Brezik thought he had stabbed Nixon -- until police told him otherwise while interrogating him Tuesday night, the sources said.

The news that he had wounded a college official, and that the official had survived, disappointed Brezik, the sources said.

The 22-year-old Raytown resident hatched his plan after learning that Nixon was to speak at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley at 10 a.m. Tuesday, the sources said. Brezik wore a bullet-resistant vest to class that morning. Nixon travels with Highway Patrol troopers.

Brezik did not have a particular beef with Nixon, the sources said, but wanted to harm him because he was a top government official.

Nixon arrived at Wheeler Downtown Airport shortly before the 9:35 a.m. stabbing. He canceled his visit to the campus at 3201 Southwest Trafficway.

Nixon has been told about Brezik's statements to police, a spokesman said Wednesday night. The spokesman declined to comment beyond that.

Diagnosed four years ago with paranoid schizophrenia, Brezik had been attending Penn Valley for only three weeks. Campus officials had not considered him a threat to harm anyone, said MCC Chancellor Mark James.

Brezik's relatives have described him as an anarchist, and he ranted about various political topics on his Facebook page.

He is accused of stabbing the campus dean of instruction, Al Dimmit Jr., in the hallway outside the computer lab where a lectern had been set up for Nixon's speech about high-speed Internet access projects. Brezik also allegedly nicked James in the chest with the knife as James wrestled with him.

In a news conference Wednesday at the college, Dimmitt's son, Andrew, said his father was "recovering well," and that he was "looking forward to returning as soon as he is able to Penn Valley."

James told reporters at the same news conference that he would focus on "bulletproofing" the campus security plan, and improving student and staff emergency notification.

"I am determined to learn what we can from the situation," said James, who came to MCC after a 30-year law enforcement career, including stints as a Missouri Highway Patrol trooper; a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent; and director of Missouri's Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

After the stabbing, about 45 minutes passed before MCC electronically notified employees on all five campuses of what had happened. Because employees must opt in to get an emergency notification, not all 1,500 staff at Penn Valley got the word.

An electronic message did not go out to students until Wednesday morning, and then only to students who had signed up for notifications, James said. He said he was planning a campuswide discussion to learn where the notification system may have failed and to take suggestions.

MCC is looking to beef up its behavioral intervention team to help identify students who might pose a danger to themselves or others, James said.

He also thanked his staff for its "bravery and compassion," during and after Tuesday's incident.

When Brezik appeared Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court, onlookers could see an anarchist symbol tattooed on his right hand and a star, hammer and sickle tattooed on his left hand.

Brezik has battled mental illness for years, relatives said Wednesday. His biological father, Raymond Florio, said Brezik talked about "big brother watching" and harbored anti-government views.

Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2006, Brezik spent time in at least four mental hospitals, according to court records filed by his mother in Greene County, Mo., in 2007.

His mother filed paperwork to become Brezik's court-appointed guardian when he was 19 because he was "disabled and incapacitated." The papers said Brezik had a history of "lack of personal hygiene, delusional thoughts, drug abuse, erratic behavior and homelessness."

His mother requested that the case be dismissed on Sept. 19, 2007, two days after Brezik was sentenced to prison on a drug-possession conviction.

Florio said he and Brezik's mother tried to get help for Brezik, but were limited because Brezik was an adult and was not willing to seek treatment. Florio said he thought the system let Brezik down.

"I'm not trying to downplay the situation," Florio said. "It's very serious and very grave. ... It's just really frustrating to see someone you care about go through this. ... But what can you do until a situation of this proportion happens?"

Florio said he was glad Brezik's options would be limited behind bars.

"Maybe now the help will be forced upon him," Florio said.

Brezik's demeanor Tuesday night in the Kansas City jail concerned police, who kept him in waist shackles and in a separate cell overnight.

On Wednesday morning, he wore a two-piece blue jail uniform and shackles as police led him into court for his first appearance to face four felony charges. Police brought him in separately from seven other inmates who had arraignments scheduled. The others sat in the front row while Brezik sat alone in the back row until the judge called his name.

The judge entered not guilty pleas for Brezik.

Brezik stared blankly and appeared dazed during much of the hearing. But he answered quickly and politely when the judge asked him questions.

At one point during the reading of the formal charges, Brezik lifted his finger as if he wanted to say something, but he did not.

The judge set Brezik's next court appearance for Oct. 6.

The Star's James Hart and the Springfield News-Leader contributed to this report. To reach Christine Vendel, call 816-234-4438 or send e-mail to To contact Mara Rose Williams, call 816-234-4419 or send e-mail to

Copyright (c) 2010, The Kansas City Star, Mo.

Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.
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My best friend has a step son that is very disturbed, is 15, and refuses to take medication. He is a danger to himself and others, and has hurt animals in the past.

There is nothing she can do. She can't commit him, because involuntary commitment of a child in her state takes a review by multiple shrinks, and they can't agree he is a clear and present danger.

As it stands right now, her husband sleeps in the living room with the boy, and her and the other boys stay in separate rooms across the house from the problem child.

The boy has been in therapy for YEARS, and the shrink will admit he's "troubled" but won't go farther than that. CPS was called on the parents for what the boy did to his little sister. Still nothing was done. It's a ticking situation, and I'm waiting for a very bad phone call.

What is a parent supposed to do in this type situation? You know your kid isn't right, you're trying to do everything you can and no one will listen until it's too late.

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