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I've been so fascinated with this (yawn!) story that I just now saw the photo for the first time, right here on this site.

Wow, that's quite a decoration! Looks like the Knight Commander's Cross to the Order of the British Empire, or some damn thing.

You just KNOW that most of the Western World is currently laughing their but-tocks off over all the outrage being displayed, don'tcha?

In my humble opinion, anybody who actually chose to sit and watch a half-time show featuring no-talents like Janet and Justin, writhing around in leather and grabbing their crotches, rather than doing something useful in the kitchen, got exactly what they deserved.

Speaking of no-talents, I finally succumbed to years of seeing gorgeous photos of Mariah Carey on her album covers and bought one of her cd's. And now I have a new coaster.
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