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I've been enjoying the Batman The Animate Series for a while now. I just bought the second volume, which brings my total to 56 episodes, I also have the first volume of Superman TAS which is really good as well. That whole DC comics string has been really good overall in my opinion. Little Sidhe and I can sit and watch almost indefinitely. Batman Beyond is good as well.

Oh yeah, I have the first and second volume of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection bring me up to 116 epsiodes of Blanc/Jones goodnes.

And the one you proabaly never heard of was the CGI Spider-Man animated series that was on MTV. They cancelled it after one season even though it was very good.

What I ended up doing was using spare parts to build a PC that I placed next to my television and it runs all of those episodes randomly on the 32" so she can enjoy cartoons that I know are good.
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