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The only thing I didn't do on the B-2 program was actually ride along in the right seat. When they first arrived out there at Whiteman they took the mayor of the town (Knob Noster, MO) on a ride, I believe. Lucky bastard.

A friend forwarded the PowerPoint slide show of this aircraft to me. This is what I had to say in response:

"A-10s are built to be heavily armored - the cockpit is a titanium tub to protect the pilot from ground-based fire. They are simple aircraft, too. Not a lot of electronics, no fly-by-wire stuff, low pressure hydraulics, so not a lot to damage by AAA or automatic weapons fire, which is what that looks like. That also means this aircraft was very low when it took those hits, I think.

"I saw a B-52 at the Wright-Patterson AFB Air Force Museum that had about 20 000 man hours of damage repair on it. It was a Viet Nam War era relic. It was shot up pretty good, too."
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