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I've been warned that ALL of my hair will go - all of it, as you say. I did get a referral to a guy who does wigs for medical hair loss and he's great. I've arranged for a wig to at least wear in clinic, assuming I can continue to see patients, and I did get some cotton caps and some scarves to try. I'll probably wear them more, but I thought it'd put patients off for me to show up wearing a scarf and obviously bald underneath. Who knows, I may not even need that wig if I'm too tired to work clinic.

I'm going to get my head shaved next week rather than wait for my hair to fall out. I don't think I can cope with the emotional trauma of finding it all over the place, and I definitely can't work clinic with hair just falling out. I was told it comes out over several days, in big clumps. So I'll wait until just before it should start and then be proactive. The eyebrows and eyelashes will be the worst to cope with, I know. That's going to really bum me out.

And the gym? Nope, not going to the virus palace. I'm already nervous enough walking around in public buildings and in the hospital especially, going into my neutropenic week. Going through hand sanitizer by the bottle. Probably going to wear gloves next week, and a mask. It's more to keep me from touching my face; it won't stop small droplets that are floating around in the air. But hand-to-face inoculation is by far the most frequent means of picking up germs.
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